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Talented Harpist Rachel gained numerous plaudits for her debut CD, ‘Hubcaps and Potholes’, and her second album – produced by Angus Lyon – looks set fair to build upon that success.
Recorded in partnership with acoustic guitarist Paul Tracey and double bassist Andy Sharkey, the trio also perform here with singer Joy Dunlop, fiddler Graham McGeoch, percussionist Paul Jennings and drummer Scott Mackay to present an exemplary and refined collection of Scottish and Irish influenced airs, reels and jigs.
‘Tsunami Jack’ is a lovely tune and evokes lightness and liberation while ‘I lost my Harp in Barcelona’ illustrates, via its intricate phrasing and reflective melody, why Rachel is so respected as a harpist and composer.
A joy from start to finish and destined to generate further acclaim for Rachel from her growing audience and within.
Musician magazine