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Past Gigs

31st - 31st Oct 2020Harp Seattle 2020 ONLINERachel Hair Harp WorkshopZoom
16th Oct 2020Rachel Hair & Ron Jappy online concertRachel Hair & Ron JappyHosted by Furness Tradition on ZOOM
25th September - 4th Oct 2020Denmark TourRachel Hair & Ron Jappydetails to follow, DENMARK
4th - 5th Aug 2020Sidmouth Folk Festival – GOING ONLINERachel Hair & Ron JappyWill be virtual festival with small set from Rachel & Ron (normally - Sidmouth, ENGLAND)
21st - 24th Jul 2020Fèis Phàislig – GOING ONLINERachel Hair & Ron JappyRachel & Ron teaching group work, pre-recorded videos (normally - Paisley, SCOTLAND)
16th - 19th Jul 2020Somerset Harp Festival – GOING ONLINERachel Hair & Ron JappyRachel & Ron LIVE CONCERT SET, pre-recorded and live workshops with Rachel (normally - Parsippany, New Jersey, USA)
5th - 10th Jul 2020Common Ground on the Hill – GOING ONLINERachel Hair Harp CoursesLive zoom workshops (normally - McDaniel College, Westminster, Maryland USA)
27th June - 3rd Jul 2020Ohio Scottish Arts School – GOING ONLINERachel Hair Harp Courses**SOLD OUT** Live zoom classes (normally - Baldwin Wallace University, Cleveland, Ohio, USA)
10th - 23rd Jun 2020Japan Tour – POSTPONED TO 2021Rachel Hair & Ron Jappyvenues to be announced JAPAN
5th June - 8th Mar 2020National Celtic Festival of Australia – CANCELLEDRachel Hair & Ron JappyPortarlington, Victoria, AUSTRALIA
15th - 17th May 2020The Harp Gathering – POSTPONED TO 2021Rachel Hair Harp CoursesArchibald, Ohio, USA
14th - 16th May 2020Mini Netherlands Tour – POSTPONED, DATES TBCRachel Hair & Ron JappyNETHERLANDS
19th Apr 2020Harp Day – POSTPONED, DATE TBCRachel Hair Harp WorkshopKunstencentrum Atrium, Oud Kerhof 11, Sneek THE NETHERLANDS
4th - 8th Apr 2020Edinburgh International Harp Festival – CANCELLEDRachel Hair Harp CoursesMerchiston Castle School, Colinton, Edinburgh, SCOTLAND
28th February - 1st Mar 2020Harp RetreatRachel Hair Harp CoursesPort Waikato, New Zealand
26th Feb 2020The RefineryRachel Hair & Ron JappyPaeroa, New Zealand
23rd Feb 2020Cafe one2oneRachel Hair & Ron JappyPonsonby, Auckland, NEW ZEALAND
22nd Feb 2020Kerikeri Flute FarmRachel Hair & Ron JappyKerikeri, New Zealand
19th Feb 2020Whangateau HallRachel Hair & Ron Jappy533 Leigh Road, Whangateau, NEW ZEALAND
18th Feb 2020The MeteorRachel Hair & Ron Jappy1 Victoria Street, Hamilton, New Zealand
15th Feb 2020Wellington Bluegrass SocietyRachel Hair & Ron JappyWellington, New Zealand
11th Feb 2020The Jam FactoryRachel Hair & Ron JappyHistoric Village 17th Avenue, Tauranga, New Zealand
8th Feb 20204th Wall TheatreRachel Hair & Ron JappyNew Plymouth, New Zealand
6th Feb 2020Palmerston North ConcertRachel Hair & Ron JappyEvelyn Rawlins Room, Square Edge Creative Centre, 47 The Square, Palmerston North, NEW ZEALAND
2nd Feb 2020Fairfield HouseRachel Hair & Ron JappyNelson, New Zealand
1st Feb 2020A Rolling StoneRachel Hair & Ron Jappy579 Colombo Street, Christchurch NEW ZEALAND
30th Jan 2020Buckingham GreenRachel Hair & Ron JappyArrowtown NEW ZEALAND
29th Jan 2020Dunedin Folk ClubRachel Hair & Ron Jappy50 Dundas Street, Dunedin, New Zealand
27th - 29th Sep 2019The Clarsach CourseRachel Hair Harp WorkshopBenslow Music, Hitchin ENGLAND
24th Aug 2019The Aros TheatreRachel Hair & Ron JappyPortree, Isle of Skye, SCOTLAND
10th Aug 2019Festival Interceltique Lorient, Grande Soirée de la Harpe CeltiqueRachel Hair & Ron JappyPalais des Congrès, Lorient, BRITTANY FRANCE
10th Aug 2019Festival Interceltique de LorientRachel Hair Harp MasterclassPalais des Congrès, Lorient, BRITTANY FRANCE
18th Jul 2019Celtic Gathering Isle of ManRachel Hair & Ron JappyThe Centenary Centre, Peel ISLE OF MAN
13th Jul 2019Newton Stewart & Minnigaff Traditional Music & Dance FestivalRachel Hair & Ron JappyNewton Stewart, Dumfries and Galloway, SCOTLAND
9th Jul 2019The Ceilidh PlaceRachel Hair & Ron JappyUllapool SCOTLAND
8th Jul 2019Rachel Hair & Ron JappyRachel Hair & Ron JappyChurch of Scotland, (opposite Isle View Care Home), Aultbea, Wester-Ross SCOTLAND
30th June - 5th Jul 2019Commonground on the Hill Traditions WeekRachel Hair Harp WorkshopMaryland USA
22nd - 28th Jun 2019Ohio Scottish Arts SchoolRachel Hair Harp WorkshopOberlin College, Ohio, USA
24th May 2019Scottish Mental Health Arts FestivalRachel Hair Solo ConcertThe Atrium Balcony, Royal Alexandra Hospital, Paisley, SCOTLAND
19th May 2019House ConcertRachel Hair & Ron JappyHelensburgh SCOTLAND
17th May 2019Chryston Parish ChurchRachel Hair & Ron JappyChryston SCOTLAND
30th Apr 2019Leith Folk ClubRachel Hair & Ron JappyVictoria Park House Hotel, Edinburgh SCOTLAND
5th - 10th Apr 2019Edinburgh International Harp Festival “Session Tunes”Rachel Hair Harp WorkshopMerchiston Castle School, Edinburgh SCOTLAND
30th Mar 2019Lochaber Music for AllRachel Hair & Ron JappyFort William SCOTLAND
20th Mar 2019Dunfermline Folk ClubRachel Hair & Ron JappyDunfermline SCOTLAND
10th Mar 2019Lage Landen Harp WeekendRachel Hair Harp WorkshopBennekom, NETHERLANDS
9th Mar 2019Lage Landen Harp WeekendRachel Hair Solo ConcertBennekom, NETHERLANDS
8th Mar 2019Lage Landen Harp WeekendRachel Hair Harp WorkshopBennekom, NETHERLANDS
5th Mar 2019ROOTSBASERachel Hair & Ron JappyThe Gilded Balloon, Edinburgh SCOTLAND
31st Jan 2019Celtic ConnectionsRachel Hair & Ron JappyTron Theatre, Glasgow SCOTLAND
2nd Nov 2018Lowender Peran FestivalRachel Hair & Ron JappyNewquay CORNWALL
27th Oct 2018Isle of Coll Music GroupRachel Hair & Ron JappyIsland of Coll SCOTLAND
5th Oct 2018O’Carolan Harp FestivalRachel Hair Solo ConcertNobber, Co. Meath IRELAND
5th - 6th Oct 2018O’Carolan Harp FestivalRachel Hair Harp WorkshopNobber, Co. Meath IRELAND
10th Aug 2018Edinburgh Fringe FestivalRachel Hair & Ron Jappy14 Royal Terrace, Edinburgh, SCOTLAND
27th - 29th Jul 2018SpeyfestRachel Hair & Ron JappyFochabers SCOTLAND
19th Jul 2018Somerset Folk Harp FestivalRachel Hair Harp CoursesParsippany, New Jersey, USA
21st May 2018The Swiss Harp FestivalRachel Hair Harp WorkshopLocarno SWITZERLAND
20th May 2018The Swiss Harp FestivalRachel Hair Solo ConcertLocarno, SWITZERLAND
19th May 2018The Swiss Harp FestivalRachel Hair Harp WorkshopLocarno SWITZERLAND
4th - 7th May 2018Fèis Rois InbhichRachel Hair Harp WorkshopUllapool, SCOTLAND
4th May 2018Fèis Rois InbhichRachel Hair Solo ConcertUllapool, SCOTLAND
4th Apr 2018Edinburgh International Harp Festival with Ruth KegginRachel Hair Solo ConcertMerchiston Castle School, Edinburgh SCOTLAND
31st March - 3rd Apr 2018Edinburgh International Harp Festival – “Manx to the Max”Rachel Hair Harp CoursesMerchiston Castle School, Edinburgh, SCOTLAND
27th Jan 2018Ciclo Festival no Teatro – Festival de OrtigueiraRachel Hair & Ron JappyGalicia SPAIN
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