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Ah 33 and a half hours at Festival Interceltique de Lorient… words cannot describe how much I love this festival, and with it being my 5th time there (I’ve been as a punter as well as a performer!) I was SO excited to finally take Ron there.
We only had 33 and half hours there, but boy oh boy did we pack things in!!

* Creperie Saint George
* 10am masterclass in front of 200 people
* The Tavarn Ar Roue Morvan (amazing music place!) for lunch
* Judging the Trophee Camac harp competion,
* Getting to hang out with my amazing Breton harp friends
* Feeling “home again” at the Isle of Man and Cornwall pavilion
* Catching the fab Fèis Rois ran Scottish pavilion
* Headlining a packed out Grande Soirée harp concert at the Palais
* And eh, the all nighter back stage at the Quai Bretagne and after hours at the Manx Pavilion (our pick-up was at 6am, so you know, it just wasn’t worth the hassle of going to bed!).