More intimate than a band, Trad duo, Rachel Hair & Ron Jappy, embody a special chemistry.

Purveyors of Scotland’s most ancient and contemporary instruments (clarsach, Gaelic for Scottish harp, and acoustic guitar, respectively) these two halves created a whole in September 2017: a subtle ying-yang between spine-tingling clarity and virtuosic drive.

From snappy Strathspeys to heartfelt airs, from rip-roaring reels to chirpy jigs – theirs is the perfect synthesis of the modern and the traditional.

As individual musicians, the award-nominated dyad (hailing from the north of Scotland) spread their influence far and wide across the globe. As a pairing who tailor each performance to the needs of their audience, no corner of the world will go untouched by their rootsy charm.

Ron Jappy

Born and brought up in the small, coastal village of Findochty in the North East of Scotland, Ron began fiddle and violin lessons from a young age in primary school before later learning the acoustic guitar.

Having toured extensively through the UK and Europe since graduating from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland in 2011, Ron has performed with a number of successful artists including Jamie Smith’s Mabon and Skerryvore and appears regularly with the National Youth Pipe Band of Scotland and the Scott Wood Band.